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Paladin Consulting, Inc.

The Problem:

As if the trauma of suffering a major fire, theft or other major property loss/damage isn’t bad enough, insurance companies often become unresponsive when it’s time for them to fully compensate and fulfill their financial obligations in accordance with your policy. And after faithfully paying your premiums for years (often decades), that’s just not right – or FAIR.

The Solution:

So when you need a seasoned independent advocate to intercede on your behalf, we’re here to help. In fact, this is our exclusive specialty. And we have a stellar track record of not only recovering claims, but of leveraging our expertise in the industry to secure a significantly higher payout. This result is especially satisfying after the insurance companies have done their best to stall or ignore a pending claim – sometimes for years — before their frustrated client seeks out our intercessory services.

Did you know that in most states ONLY a licensed public insurance adjuster or attorney are allowed by law to represent and pursue another party’s interest in an insurance claim?

As a licensed public insurance adjuster, we’ll assist you by:

  • Conducting a thorough evaluation of your loss utilizing our decades of “insider” insurance industry expertise

  • Helping file your initial claim if you haven’t yet begun the process

  • Presenting an itemized claim package to your insurer after developing a proactive claim management strategy to maximize your financial recovery

  • Securing additional living expenses as needed

  • Assisting you in complying with your policy’s requirements, especially their rigid timelines

  • Serving as your advocate at all inspections and meetings with your insurance company

  • Ultimately ensuring you’ll receive the highest dollar payout in the shortest time possible, period.

Entrusting your claim to the pros at Paladin provides a two-fold benefit: easing your mind and relieving you of the burden of interacting with the insurance companies intent on stalling this process...AND ultimately ensuring you’ll receive the highest dollar payout in the shortest time possible, period.We will keep you informed of our progress on your behalf every step of the way...

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