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"Richard and Penni Domikis didn't think anything could be worse than watching their home bum down... until they tried to collect the insurance. The Domikises already felt betrayed by Allstate. That made it even more galling when getting their interim living expenses approved required a volley of calls, faxes and questions on every bill. Payments were sometimes two months late. Allstate moved at a snail's pace,' says Penni. 'They push and push and hope you go away' . And though the couple's anger has cooled somewhat, their resentment lingers like a curl of smoke on a still day. As Penni looks back on their ordeal, she says, 'If I didn't have children. I would have driven a car through the Allstate building.' Their trial by fire offers precious lessons, they say, beyond caveat emptor. 'No. 1', says Richard, is that 'no matter how nice your agent is, you're dealing with a pool of lawyers when you lose your home.'"

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